Improving on the standards is never easy, but Dixons, a high end steakhouse and cocktail bar, manages to inspire the southern gentleman in every customer does. Clients who can appreciate a rare ribeye accompanied by a whisky neat are the focal point. This high end steakhouse targets an upper middle income business men, aged 28-36. Customers come to enjoy one of the whisky flights when one flavor just isn’t enough. 
Inspired from the aging western attributes of horseshoes and the woodworking, I kept the color palette simple using colors from nature inspired from wood and gold to keep it classic and beautiful. A simple but daring logo utilizes a horeshoe in place of an N surrounded by a slab serriff that in combination, tie together western theme. Topping it off with dependable materials of mahagony wood for the menu displays and the whisky flight accompanied by brass knobs to hold the menus in place in a one off crafted fashion and hand selected linen paper complete the end brand.

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